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By purchasing goods and / or using services through our website and webshop, you accept the following General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”), please read them carefully.


  1. Peerless.int as providing goods and services


Business name: Doron Ritter

Business registered seat: Hungary 1054 Budapest, Városház str. 10.

Registration number at Budapest XY : 12345

Tax number: 1 

Representative: Doron Ritter

Email address: Doron.Ritter@peerlessint.com


2. Goods and services


Peerless.int as a business has been established in Budapest, 2015. All bags have been both designed and produced in Budapest, Hungary. In Peerless int.’s webshop at peerlessint.com you can order limited runs leather bags through the website are directly sold by Peerless int.


Peerless int. is entitled to widen the scope of its goods and / or services or to suspend or fully terminate them. Peerless int. is entitled to suspend or to refuse to sell goods or to provide services, if you intend to purchase or use such goods or services in contradiction with the provisions of this GTC, or if Peerless.int is investigating a supposed misuse.

3. General provisions


This GTC is available at the following link

The GTC is in effect from 1st March, 2018 and shall be effective until withdrawal. Peerless.int shall reserve the right, at the sole discretion to upgrade, modify or replace any part if this GTC by posting updates and changes to the website. It is your responsibility to check the website periodically for changes. Incase you do not agree to any change to the GTC, you must immediately stop using the Peerless.int website and / or webshop. Should you continue to use the website / webshop, you are deemed to accept the modified GTC. Any changes made after you have placed an order will not affect such order unless we are required to made such change by law.


The governing law of this GTC is the Hungarian law.

The language of this GTC and that of the contractual relation between you and Peerless int. is the English language. Each customer order stablishes a unique contractual relation between you and Peerless int.


Peerless.int has not accepted any code of conduct which shall govern its business conduct. This GTC shall not be recorded, it is entered into only electronic form, and shall not be considered as a written contract.


4. The process of using the Peerless.int webshop


Since there is no registration possible in the webshop, you may only complete a purchase if you declare that you are aware of and accept the GTC and you give your consent to manage and process your personal data as described in our Privacy Policy. Peerless.int shall not be liable for late delivery if it was caused by incorrect and incomplete data provided by you. To ensure that the shopping procedure is simple and secure, Peerless int. uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.


4.1 Placing an order


You can choose the product(s) to be purchased, quantity and the series. Once having done so, you can put the product into your cart.

Peerless int.  provides the name and description of the products along the photo(s) in the webshop. A slight difference can exist between the photo and the product itself. Peerless.int is not liable for the differences between the photo of the product in the webshop and the real appearance of the product. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as a certain lighting used for the product photos.


You can check the content of your cart by clicking on the shopping bag icon located in the top right side of your screen. Once having chosen the “View Cart” option, it is possible to delete the product by clicking on the “Remove” button below the product or to correct the quantity of the product in your cart, by providing the correct amount in the “Qty” field next to your product. Once having made any adjustments, the webshop automatically updates your cart. Items in your cart are not reserved and may be purchased by other customers.


You may purchase one or multiple items in the same order and purchase procedure.


You may choose your preferred shipping method in your cart, by deciding between Standard shipping and Expedited shipping (more on shipping details in the Shipping & Return Policy).

In certain individual cases customers have an option to choose any specific multinational courier delivery services company  (ie. DHL, Fedex, UPS). Should you wish to choose such an option, please get in touch via email prior to finalizing an order in the webshop.


Once having adjusted the delivery method, you can start the payment procedure by clicking on the “Check out with PayPal” button. You can pay your order by using your PayPal account, and will then be redirected to PayPal’s site.


Having chosen the preferred shipping address, you will once more have the chance to review your order and update your shipping method as well via cartscheckout.com

You may then finalize your order by clicking on the Place order button.


As soon as the process is finalized, you will be directed back to Peerless.int’s webshop with a summary of your order, that will also arrive to you in a form of an order confirmation email without delay, but not later than within forty eight (48) hours from the time of your order. Such email contents your order’s summary.


In the unlikely event that the above confirmation email is not received by you, you are released from the obligation of purchase. Peerless.int is not liable for late confirmation, if the confirmation delays due to a false or incorrect email address provided by you, or if your email account is not able to accept messages because your inbox is full. This confirmation email is not an acceptance of your order, it is only a confirmation that Peerless.int has received your order.


Acceptance of your order shall be completed when Peerless.int sends a shipping notification email to you to confirm that the items have been sent to you.

You may continue shopping through the site by clicking on the Continue Shopping button.


For details regarding personal information, feel free to check Peerless.int’s Privacy Policy available through this link.


Please make sure to provide accurate information such as shipping- billing name and address, as Peerless.int can not take any responsibility for orders not arriving, or arriving late due to incorrect or incomplete information provided by you.


Should you come across any trouble and / or run into any mistake, or should you have any uncertainties with regards to shopping in the webshop, please reach out via email at email


5. Purchase information


The default currency in the webshop is Euro.


Purchase prices are displayed in Euro in the webshop, and the value does not contain added tax (VAT) in accordance with Hungarian tax rules the taxpayer in not a subject of VAT law, but do not include shipping fees. Shipping fees are displayed separately also in Euro.


Incase Peerless int. introduces special sale prices, a detailed information will be provided to our customers in relation thereto.

If clearly incorrect purchase prices are indicated in the webshop, e.g. an incorrectly low purchase price is indicated caused by an eventual system malfunction, Peerless.int shall not accept the order and shall not deliver the product at such incorrect purchase price. In such case Peerless int. will offer to deliver the product to you at the correct purchase price, however you are entitled to withdraw your order regarding such product. The order confirmed by Peerless.int at an incorrect purchase price shall be deemed as a null and void contract.


Peerless int. accepts Paypal payments, and any other methods which may be clearly indicated in the webshop from time to time.

If your payment / transaction has been refused by PayPal, Peerless int. shall not be liable for any delay and non-delivery.

The total amount to be paid includes all costs on the basis of your order and the confirmation email. The invoice shall be sent to you in the package.

6. The fulfilment of the order, delivery


Peerless int. offers worldwide delivery through various courier services. By default, the purchased products are shipped through the Hungarian Post and EMS.

In certain individual cases customers have an option to choose any specific multinational courier delivery services company  (ie. DHL, Fedex, UPS). Should you wish to choose such an option, please get in touch via email prior to finalizing an order in the webshop.


In case of exchanging or returning products to Peerless int., you shall pay for such shipping fees any you may choose any delivery company you wish.

Peerless int. reserves the right to reject any order which has been already confirmed. In such case Peerless int. will inform you without delay, and shall refund the whole amount paid by you without delay, but not later than thirty (30) days.


When any defect occurs in our webshop in relation to products and prices, Peerless int. maintains its right to correction. In this case Peerless int. informs you about the new data without delay. You can then confirm your order once again, or any party is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

Peerless int. may limit or cancel quantities purchased per person. In the event that an order should be changed or cancelled, Peerless int. may attempt to notify you by contacting the email address provided at the time the order was made. Peerless int. reserves the right to restrict multiple quantities of an item being shipped to any one customer or postal address.


Please be aware that your country may charge you import tax, and Peerless int. no control over this. All such taxes should be paid by the customer.

For further information regarding shipping and return fees, please see the Shipping & Return Policy at this link.



7. Right of withdrawal


You can announce your withdrawal within fourteen (14) days of receiving your original order without reasoning. You announce such right in an expressed statement sent to Peerless int. via email (shop@peerlessint.com) within the above fourteen (14) day deadline. Please also indicate the tracking number of your original order.


You shall send back the item without delay, but within fourteen (14) days from the announcement of your expressed statement on withdrawal at the latest.


The deadlines above shall be regarded as being complied with if you send your statement on the item before the fourteen (14) days expired. As Peerless int. received the returned item, a quality control procedure shall take place in order to determine the appropriateness of the returned item. The provisions of Shipping & Return Policy shall apply.


To return an item please ship it to:


Doron Ritter



Budapest, Városház utca 10.


Shipping costs are non-refundable, and you shall be responsible for such costs. It’s recommended that you obtain a proof of postage and use a trackable shipping service or purchase shipping insurance.


Peerless int. shall refund the full price of the undamaged item as it is received, and the refund shall be made in the same way as the original payment method of your payment was made.


You shall receive a written notification via email that the returned item has been received. Any item returned exceeding the fourteen (14) day deadline will not be eligible for a refund.


The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised by a non-consumer entity, ie. an enterprise, namely such entity which acts in the scope of its profession, independent occupation or its business activity.


8. Liability of products


Please note, that Peerless int. is not liable for damages resulted from natural amortization, defect or negligent use, abnormal consumption or misuse or any other treatment that is not suited to the product description.


In case of defective performance you are entitled to make a claim for defective items against Peerless int. on the basis of the Hungarian Civil Code.

Upon your request you are entitled to make the following claims:

If an item is defective due to a manufacturing fault, Peerless int. will offer to repair the item or exchange it. If it cannot be repaired or the same item is not available, you are entitled to a proportional price reduction or to a full refund (ie. the purchase price along with the shipping fee of a basic courier service.)

Shipping fee of a standard shipping in case of a defective item shall be paid by Peerless int. Any further fee in relation to a shipping method other than the standard shipping service (ie. expedited shipping, multinational courier delivery service company such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.) shall be paid by the customer, and will be deducted from the full refund price.


You are entitled to modify your chosen claim, but are responsible for the costs imposed by this modification, except incase it was caused by Peerless int.


You shall inform Peerless int. about the defect without delay, but within two (2) months from the date of its discovery at the latest.


Within the first six (6) months from the delivery, you shall inform Peerless int. about the defect and confirm that the item was provided by Peerless int. Within such six (6) month deadline there is no other condition to make your claim on the basis of the liability for defective items.


After the expiry of the above six (6) month period, you are required to prove that the defect discovered by you has already existed at the date of the delivery.


After the expiry of a two (2) year period following the date of delivery, you are not entitled to make any claims in the basis of the liability for defective items.


8.1.2 Liability for defective products


If you are a private person purchaser, you shall also have a right to claim against Peerless int. for defective products described in this clause. Please note however, that under the Hungarian law, you need to choose between your rights described in clause 8.1.1 and clause 8.1.2, as you are not entitled to make a claim against Peerless int. on the basis of both liability of defective items and liability of defective products.


If a product is defective, you are entitled only to choose to have it repaired by Peerless int. or require to exchange the product. You shall inform Peerless int. about the defect without delay, but within two (2) months from the date of its discovery at the latest. In case of a defective product, you are required to prove the defect of the product. The product is deemed to be defective only if (i) it does not meet the quality requirements applicable by law to the particular product, or (ii) it does not have the characteristics set out in the description of the product delivered by us.


You are entitled to make your claim against Peerless int. within a two (2) year period following the date of the delivery for straps.

8.1. Interior malfunctions


All bags provided by Peerless int.  come with a six (6) month local warranty counting from the date of purchase / successful payment.

Once having experienced any technical malfunctions, you shall inform Peerless int. about it without delay, but within two (2) months from the date of its discovery at the latest. You are required to prove the malfunction of the product.


Within a six (6) month timeframe, should any interior / mechanical malfunctions occur, the cost of the repair, as well as the restoration of the custom wooden layer will be paid by Peerless int. The bag should be shipped back for such repairment, where shipping costs of the basic camera shipping method (excluding multinational courier delivery services companies such as DHL, Fedex, UPS) into both directions will be paid by Peerless. Shipping fees regarding a choice of a multinational courier delivery service company (ie. DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.) should be paid by the customer.


After the expiry of the above six (6) month timeframe, but within the first two (2) years of purchase / successful payment of the bag, the cost of the repairment at Peerless.int ’s providers should be paid by the customer. The shipping fee should be covered by the customer.



For further information regarding shipping and return fees, please see the Shipping & Return Policy at this link

8.2. Non-consumer buyers


Please note that the above provisions set forth in points 8.1 and 8.2 are applicable only to consumers. Consumer is a private person acting out of the scope of his / her profession or his / her business activity. To non-consumer buyers different provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code shall be applied.

9. The complaint handling process


Peerless int. shall seek to achieve a friendly settlement of any complaint you may have through negotiation or any other peaceful means.


Your complaint can be announced in a written form sent to Peerless int. it’s postal address. Peerless int. shall inspect and answer the written complaint in writing no later than thirty (30) days from the receipt. In case your complaint can not be accepted, you shall receive a reasoning thereof.


The postal address you shall send your written complaint to is as follows:


Doron Ritter



Budapest, Városház utca 10.


You can turn with your complaint also to the Hungarian Consumer Protection Authority as follows:


Budapest Fováros Kormányhivatal, Fogyasztóvédelmi Felügyeloség

Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Pf.: 144.

Customer service address: 1052 Budapest, Városház u. 7., Hungary

Telephone number: +36-1-450-2598

E-mail address: fogyved_kmf_budapest@nfh.hu


You can turn with your complaint also to the Hungarian Conciliation Body as follows:


Budapest Békélteto Testület

Address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99.

Telephone number: +36-1-488-2131

Email address: bekelteto.testulet@bkik.hu


The Hungarian Concilitation Bodies are listed at the following link:



10. Intellectual property rights


Any invention, discovery, development, design, idea, creation, software, technology, procedure, process, technical material, documentation (hereinafter intellectual properties) relating to the products and services of Peerless int. in any manner are subject to copyright protection, and all or parts of them are the exclusive property of Peerless int. You do not acquire any ownership of intellectual property when purchasing any Peerless int. product or using the offered services, including but not limited to the website and webshop. By purchasing any products or using services provided by Peerless int., you are not entitled to use any trademark, brand name or logo in relation to such products or services.


Peerless int. reserves the right to every content on the products and services, including but not limited to the website and webshop. It is prohibited to download, to store electronically, to process or to transfer the content on the website or the webshop in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Peerless int.

11. Technical requirements


This website is run by Wix.com, and the webshop is based in the webshop engine provided by Wix.com


Hosting service provider: Wix.com, Inc

Registered seat: 40 Namal Tel Aviv St., Tel Aviv 6701101, Israel


To make sure that the website and the webshop run smoothly, it is recommended to update your browser to the most recent version.


The supported browsers for the desktop version are the following: Google Chrome, Safari for Mac (version 10 and above), Windows 10 Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer


The supported browsers for mobile devices are the following: Google Chrome, Safari


Peerless int. can not guarantee that the website will operate continuously without any interruptions and errors due to the connection to the Internet.


​​12. Miscallaneous


If Peerless int. does not exercise any of its right delivered from this GTC or other policies or legal provisions, such non-exercise shall not be deemed as a waiver of such right.


Any waiver shall be made in writing. When Peerless int. shall not insist strictly on a significant provision of this GTC this shall not imply that Peerless int. renounces its insistence on the strict compliance of such provision.


Peerless int. does not make any particular promises in connection with the goods and services, besides the expressed terms and conditions in this GTC. Peerless int. does not undertake any responsibility for the goods’ and services’ content, functioning, reliability, availability and ability to meet your needs. Peerless int. provides the services on the basis of the principle “as is”.


Peerless int. excludes all forms of warranty to the extent permitted by law. The maximum amount Peerless int. pays for commitments relating to claims that are based on warranties including implied warranties under this GTC is the amount you have paid for the services. Peerless int. is not responsible in any case for reasonably foreseeable losses and damages.


If any provision of this GTC becomes invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, the other provisions of this GTC shall remain in effect.


Peerless int. will be happy to give you more information in relation to the goods and services provided, the operation of the webshop, and the order and shipping procedure of her products.


Please feel free to contact her at any time.